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MediaNet Releases e-IEP PRO February 2024 Newsletter

(Phoenix, Arizona) February 19, 2024 - Click Here to see the latest e-IEP PRO Newsletter to read interesting articles about the following:
  • e-IEP PRO Provides Arizona Schools, Districts and Agencies a Statewide Template for IEPs;
  • How the Arizona Statewide IEP Template Was Built and Is Maintained;
  • The e-IEP PRO is Arizona's Web-Based, Statewide IEP System.

Washington Elementary School District Awards IEP Software Contract to MediaNet Solutions, Inc.

(Phoenix, Arizona) June 26, 2023 - Per an RFP released by the district, the Washington ESD evaluation team unanimously and overwhelmingly recommended the award of the resulting contract to MediaNet Solutions, Inc.'s e-IEP PRO software. In its evaluation, the e-IEP PRO solution received an outstanding 296 of the 300 possible points with 100, 97 and 97 points being scored respectively by each of the three district evaluators. Click Here To Learn More. 

Several Arizona LEAs Are Switching to the e-IEP PRO For 2023-24 School Year

(Phoenix, Arizona) May 10, 2023 - Cartwright Elementary School District, Phoenix Elementary School District, Sonoran Schools and many more Arizona LEAs are switching to the e-IEP PRO for 2023-24 school year. Click Here To Learn More. 

MediaNet Releases e-IEP PRO January 2023 Newsletter

(Phoenix, Arizona) January 2, 2023 - Click Here to see the latest e-IEP PRO Newsletter to read interesting articles about the following:
  • e-IEP PRO Highlights from 2022 and Exciting Projections for the e-IEP PRO in 2023;
  • Arizona Districts, Schools and Agencies Selecting the e-IEP PRO for Its Unique Features;
  • Interactive e-Training Plus Feature Added to the e-Training Module;
  • NEW MTSS Student Data and Documentation Management System.

MediaNet Provides 2021 e-IEP PRO Highlights and Forecast For 2022

(Phoenix, Arizona) January 3, 2022 - Click Here to see the Highlights for the e-IEP PRO in 2021 and the exciting Forecast for the e-IEP PRO in 2022.

MediaNet Solutions Announces New e-MTSS PRO Software

(Phoenix, Arizona) February 2, 2021 - MediaNet Solutions Inc. is excited to announce the release of a web-based Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) software that simplifies the management of academic and social emotional supports for students. The components of this new stand-alone web-based software, titled the e-MTSS PRO, contains some of the same components that have been available in MediaNet's e-IEP PRO flagship product utilized for many years by hundreds of Arizona school districts and schools. The e-MTSS PRO is also supported by the same team that provides end-user training and support for the e-IEP PRO.

The e-MTSS PRO contains a comprehensive set of data-driven fully integrated forms features that include:
  • Intervention Plan
  • Comprehensive Progress Monitoring
  • Parent Invitation Letter
  • Parent Notification Letter
  • Referral Form
  • 45 Day Screening Form
  • Gap Analysis Worksheet
  • And, more...

The e-MTSS PRO is specifically designed to assist Arizona LEAs in better supporting and managing these processes for their students.

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